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Tips For Getting The Most Out of eBay

Posted On 29th June 2016


Whether you want to sell a few one-off items to make some extra cash, or are starting out as a marketplace seller, eBay is a great resource. You can use it to declutter your home and make more space, get rid of items you no longer need (safe in the knowledge they’re going to a good home rather than a landfill site), or make a little extra money to put towards a holiday, day out or new wardrobe. Alternatively, you may be setting up as a regular seller with the hopes of making an extra steady income from your eBay sales. Whatever your reasons, here are a few tips to make your time selling online go as smoothly as possible.

Buy first – and sell small until you’re established

Online, feedback counts for a lot. If you’re new to the site, you’ll have no reviews to your name, which can make people wary about buying from you. As eBay is an online auction, a lower number of bidders will affect the price your item will fetch. Counter this by building up a profile first through buying and selling small items. This should help to establish you in the marketplace, and so put you in a better position when it comes to selling larger items.

Scope out the competition

As with any business, analysing the competition is a good way to a better sales plan. Seeing how others’ profiles compare, the kind of prices they’re expecting, how the items are displayed and the like will help you to create a successful page and show your items in their best light.

Photographing your items accurately

Photographing your items is vital to a successful sale. This should be done in correct lighting so as to show the true image of your item, even if there are any blemishes or defaults. Using a bare background is effective in showing off your item and being honest with your buyer is also essential if you want to continue selling, as forged photos can lead to negative feedback.

Writing an effective description and title

In order to gain potential buyers, having an eye-catching title is a must. Use keywords to describe your item, and if you’re selling clothing, add the size, brand and the kind of audience it would interest. With any item, make sure you include an honest, clear and detailed description, and choose wording that’s likely to attract interest in your post.


Communicating with your buyer is another important factor; you don’t leave a person hanging on the phone, so don’t ignore your buyer. Sending them a thank you message when they’ve purchased your item is a nice touch, and you may also want to add how you will be posting their item and when they should expect it. Small gestures such as these can create a trusting bond between you and your buyer, thus leading to positive feedback.

Payment methods

PayPal is a highly effective platform for you to connect to your eBay account, with its protection policy especially convenient for those selling overseas. It does however deduct a percentage of your takings, so you may want to offer to accept cheques and postal orders as methods of payment.

Get the posting and packing right

Making sure you pack your items properly will minimise the risk of damage, and using quality packing material will give the parcel a professional touch. Check out our packing guide for more information on how to wrap your parcels right.

When it comes to posting, choosing a faster/tracked delivery service, such as, can help to keep you from falling below standard on eBay’s on-time delivery metric. To hold on to your status as a top-rated seller, you can have a maximum of 4% late deliveries (9% to maintain above standard), and a speedier service will help you stay within the delivery timeframe, while tracking will show that your parcel has been accepted and delivered within your stated delivery time.

For added convenience, our system can also be linked with your eBay account – automatically filling in item details and sending updates to both you and your buyer so you can track the delivery. You can also choose to have your parcels collected from your home. For full details of our eBay services, head to our site.

One last thing

Keeping in contact with the buyer once the payment has gone through is another way of scoring brownie points in the eBay world. Letting them know that you value them and making sure they’re satisfied with their purchase can prepare you for your next victorious sale.