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Sending a parcel to Australia

Posted On 29th September 2016

Sending a parcel to Australia

With more than 1.2 million British expats currently settled in Australia, each one of us is bound to be connected to someone living down under. That’s not to mention the number of people visiting Australia for travels or moving there temporarily for work. Despite it being on the other side of the world, there’s a strong chance you may need to send a parcel to Oz at some stage – whether it’s a gift to a loved one or goods you’ve sold via an online marketplace. Whatever the reason, there are certain things you’ll need to consider before you send your parcel – read on for full advice on shipping guidelines and restrictions.

Delivery timings

Given that Australia is one of the furthest destinations you can send a parcel from the UK, patience is required from the offset. While next day delivery is unachievable for even the fastest of couriers, you can choose services, such as those on offer with, that guarantee delivery from four working days.

So that you have a clearer idea of your parcel’s delivery date while it’s in transit, keep an eye on its journey using the tracking information provided by your courier. That way, if you’re sending something on behalf of a business, this will help you to manage your customer’s expectations – and if you’re sending a gift, perhaps for a birthday or Christmas, you’ll know if it’s going to arrive in time for the big day.

Dos and don’ts of preparing your parcels

Your parcel’s got to travel a long way, so make sure you’ve packaged it up properly and all packing materials used are in good condition. One of the most important things is having the right box – a brand new corrugated cardboard box with quality outer wrapping is the best option.

If you’re packing more than one item in your box, wrap up each one individually to protect them from damage in transit. There should be no gaps in your box, so if items are loose and moving about, use plenty of padding to make sure everything is secure. Read our packaging guidelines for more information.

Shipping restrictions

There are various items prohibited from entering Australia – familiarise yourself with these to check your parcel will make it through customs. They include: vegetable and mineral products and any plant matter; soap; flammable liquids; ceramic products; and jewellery. You can view the full list of prohibited and restricted items on the Australia Post website.

You’ll also need to see what restrictions your chosen courier has in place before you send. Failing to comply with these could mean your parcel is refused entry into Australia and subsequently not delivered.

Things you need to know about Australia

There are certain importing guidelines that apply specifically to Australia – for instance, if your goods have been declared below the value of AUD1000, they’ll be imported free of any taxes, duty and processing charges (unless they contain alcohol or tobacco).

If they’re worth more than AUD1000, you’ll receive a First Notice by Australia Post asking you to lodge an import declaration. It could take up to five working days for import declarations to be cleared – once this is done, Australia Post will accept your parcel for delivery. Check the full guidelines on the Australia post website before you send your parcel