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Can you work out the address in emojis?

Posted On 19th May 2016

Anyone who’s ever addressed a package in a hurry will know that, even though they may have every intention of crafting a calligraphic masterpiece, quite often the reality is more of a blurry scrawl.

Nowadays, with the humble pen nowhere near as mighty as the smartphone when it comes to communicating, many of us are lucky if we can still remember how to scratch out the alphabet. But who needs an old-fashioned A to Z when you have everything from alien monster to zipper-mouth face (and a few more useful ones in between) covering all you could possibly need to say? No one – which is why it’s more than likely that emojis are on their way to a complete takeover. With that in mind, it’s time to see if you’ll be able to function in the emoji-led world that’s nigh.

Will you stack up against the competition? Take our quiz and find out if you can work out these famous addresses in emojis. Good luck!